Sunday 9 August 2015

Mediterraneo (Pooh, 1975)

This instrumental track comes from "Un po' del nostro tempo migliore", luckily the best and proggest album by Italian pop band Pooh, one of the most popular Italian acts ever. Dodi Battaglia's guitars are (as usual with Pooh) the main feature of "Mediterraneo" and they actually draw a Mediterranean sketch, full of sweetness and strong colours. The other instruments come in discreetely and a background choir finishes the picture.

A Victorian drawing room for Pooh.

You couldn't imagine anything more Italian, nonetheless the tubular bells plus the mandolin provide a clear reference to Mike Oldfield's debuit work and the original LP package has a Victorian taste. It's a distressing and delicate pattern, a highly evocative and descriptive track I still like after so many listening sessions...

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