Sunday, 30 August 2015

Ilusões (Tésis Ársis, 2002)

A one-man band from Brasil, this Tésis Ársis in the brainchild of Anderson Rodrigues and offers long instrumental tracks, like this "Ilusões", a rather atmospheric epic lasting some 12 minutes and based on ethereal keyboards and well played electric guitars. Sure, this is not a musical revolution, but it's full of real emotions, something I'd like to find in all prog rock tracks.

The debut album by Tésis Ársis includes five long tracks.

The leading guitar has a beautiful, sad touch, something between Hackett and Gilmour, I'd say. Anderson plays all instruments and is also responsible for the drum programming. The main theme is well exploited and the atmospheric bridges are also pleasant. If you like dreaming guitar-driven prog, this is definitely for you.

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