Tuesday, 18 August 2015

On The Seashore (Little Tragedies, 2006)

If you read my blog now and then, you probably already know I like this Russian band (Маленькие Трагедии is their original name) and their flamboyant kind of progressive rock. This time, however, you'll find a softer side of Little Tragedies, a melodic and pleasant track taken from the album "The Sixth Sense" (originally titled "Шестое чувство") and with a touch of baroque music too. The electric guitar and harpsichord interplay has something magic.

This is the International release of the CD, labelled by Muséa.

Then, of course, the mood changes and a very modern and original rythmic work creates a well found contrast, until the previous mood comes back. Two special mentions, if you please: to the theatrical singing (it's  like Ange sung in Russian instead of French...) and to the howling guitar, a sound that actually digs into my soul. That said, my friend, "On The Seashore" is there for you!

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