Saturday, 2 February 2013

They Get to Know Me (Kayak, 1974)

This dutch band always suggest mixed feelings: some say it's the most hidden treasure of the Netherlands, some argue it's just a pop band. I think they're really good: tue, they like melodies and also short songs, but is this a deadly sin? This 9 minute song, taken from their second self-titled album, shows how much fantasy they have both in composition and arrangements and how rich their palette is, filled with pastoral prog foggy nuances, sharp guitar flashes à la David Gilmour and - why not? - brilliant and catchy themes. That's why I like them and I still listen to this track.
An early '80s Kayak line up.
...But why sould you listen to this? Well, if you like bitter-sweet shiftings, romantic (but no pathetic) moods and well-built prog songs this is your cup of tea. Oh by the way, let me know what you think of those lyrics focusing on the end of adolescence.

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