Sunday, 24 February 2013

On Reflection (Gentle Giant, 1975)

As always, Roberto Rizzi reads my mind and delights me. This track, taken from Gentle Giant's "Free Hand" album, is one of my favourites ever. A dreaming jewel, I daresay quoting a famous novel by Theodore Sturgeon. Thank you once more, Roberto (and thank you Giants, of course!).

“On reflection” is a wonderful tune from Gentle Giant. It begins with a flute riff, accompanied by violin, violoncello and xylophone. It's also a reference to classical music and Gentle Giant does it very well. The instruments follow one another in a very intricated way and this type of composition is the signature of the group. At the end of the riff, Gentle Giant start to sing and no instruments are involved. The Shulman brothers, Minnear and Green sing in a peculiar way, because they do not sing the same vocal line, but, as in the overture riff, every voice sings a singular tune, setting up a wonderful atmosphere. The track is reminiscent the way Genesis played their 12 strings: same sounds, but played differently.
Richard Evans' cover reminds me something about the Addams Family...

After this splendid virtuosism, the flute riff is repeated with more typical rock instruments: electric guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. Then, on this riff, Gentle Giant sing the vocal line, previously played without instruments. With “On riflection”, Gentle Giant show great musical talent once again. Another pearl of the progressive rock!
Roberto Rizzi

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