Sunday 17 February 2013

Dogs (Pink Floyd, 1977)

17 minutes of suburban prog, a long, heartbreaking dusk over chimneys and abandoned souls, a bitter view on human condition. Yes, I like this song, I like it very much, even if I don't feel good when I listen to it. Who cares? It's music at its heights. The gloomy athmosphere of "Dogs" describes the death of brotherhood and the rise of competition and disregard and Gilmour's guitar is a piercing scream melting with stray dogs' yelps. Even so, I find beauty in the dirt, flashes of truth in the night of perdition.

A pig flies over Battersea Power Station in London. Great cover!

There is greatness in Pink Floyd's pessimism and particularly here, in this disheartening song and in the album "Animals". That's because they dig in human soul, they dare to show up their most hidden fears. Our own fears. I'm grateful for this.

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