Wednesday 6 February 2013

Post War Saturday Echo (Quatermass, 1970)

As I promised (please read the blog's foot note) this blog is open to every prog fan. I'm very proud to present here the first and brave contributor, Roberto Rizzi, an old online friend of mine and - most of all - a real connoisseur of fine prog and an experienced though young moderator of the glorious italian Genesis Forum. The song he presents here is also one of my favourite ones. 

Cesare Rizzi, an italian reviewer, argues on his book “Progressive Rock & Underground” that Quatermass was better than the more famous Emerson, Lake & Palmer. At first sight, that could be a blasphemous sentence. But when I firstly heard “Post War Saturday Echo” (and obviously the entire Quatermass album) something made me think that Rizzi was (and still is) right.
Storm Thorgerson's wonderful art for Quatermass.
I always said that this song is a perfect synthesis of blues and progressive rock. “Post War...” starts with an epic Hammond riff and this opening flows in a quiet instrumental tune, which is the main theme, played by bass, drums and organ. The great voice of John Gustafson sings a vocal riff which is at the same time calm and nervous. But the song reaches its peak when it becomes much more powerful and the instruments create a perfect atmosphere on which Gustafson's voice can express its magnificent and suffering beauty. A piano solo introduces another explosion of power, with a massive Hammond organ. A great song from a great - but unfortunately unknown - band.
Roberto Rizzi



  1. I like your review very much, Roberto. This song always inspires me two different feelings: frustration and wonder.

  2. Thanks Dalex. In my honest opinion, this is the way the blues should be played. Amazing.