Tuesday 12 February 2013

Neverland (Marillion, 2004)

This is a Hogarth's era Marillion track, a very beautiful one IMHO. I like it all... I like the music they wrote, the simple and profound lyrics, Hogarth's intense vocals, Rothery's guitar solo... all! This is one of those tracks you can listen to when you want ot leave the earthly condition and fly away. It's a fantastic trip in an ethereal dimension somewhere between the clouds and the stars, in the Neverland of your inner childhood. The song is taken from one of the best recent Marillion's records, "Marbles", and I highly recommend the whole album to your attention.
A Marillion's promo shot for "Marbles".
Of course, Marillion's songs are not all like this one, but when they actually forge such pearls I can't help wondering why they're not a worldwide sensation. But then... maybe I better like them to stay what they are: the best hidden jewel of the English Prog-Crown.

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