Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sospesi nell'incredibile (Le Orme, 1973)

It's always difficult to extract a single track from a dense and cohesive concept album like Le Orme's "Felona e Sorona". Even so, "Sospesi nell'incredibile" is one of my favourite italian prog songs. Firstly, it's the opening track of the album, that's to say the gateway to another world, kind of a space opera focusing on the alternate fortunes of two twin planets... and it's a great overture! Secondly, it's a fine example of instrumental prog based on a powerful trio "à la E,L & P", in which you hardly regret the absence of a guitarist... and that's saying something.
Le Orme in their "powerful trio" era.
There's the whole taste of the '70s in this track: you'll find SF, space rock, proggy plots, falsetto, plenty of keyboards and so on... a real treat for connoisseurs. I highly recommend to turn off the lights and listen to this in the dark. Enjoy.

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