Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Love in Your Eye (Caravan, 1972)

Coming from the "Waterloo Lily" album, this song has both an orchestral and jazzy mood, being a diversified suite in four movements: "To Catch Me A Brother", "Subsultus", "Debouchement" and "Tibury Kecks". As always with Canterbury bands, you couldn't find one prominent style here: you got them all. Sure, there are some passages I better like: the flute solo in "Subsultus", for example, but all the details cooperate to the big picture, a tricky and colourful one, I daresay.

"Waterloo Lily" was the fourth studio album by Caravan.

All the instruments find their way to the foreground sooner or later and all the tempos come in in time. The sung parts are like islands in a fluid, unpredictable, instrumental river. Nonetheless, this track is pleasant and fully enjoyable to all listeners (well, almost all). The jazzy taste is always supported by a very British sense of humour and it seems to me like Uncle Sam and Queen Victoria going on very well. A strange but peaceful coexistence... that's what we need nowadays, isn't it?