Friday, 28 August 2015

El viaje (Supay, 2007)

An andean prog folk rock track from Peru. Supay mix the local  colours, some r'n'r instruments and a modern rythmic section very well and they also try to gradually change the mood of this instrumental, adding here and there a good tasted keyboards touch and even a slightly west coast electric guitar. I think they deserve more attention, especially in their proggest moments.

"El viaje" was the second studio work by Supay.

They really offer something new, these musicians, and this is not common today. Unfortunately, I daresay. Listen to this song and when the final aggressive guitar bursts out, please don't forget the andean pipes: they're two different faces of the same band... and I'm sure you'll appreciate this "viaje"... oh yes, that means "trip", as you surely know.