Sunday 13 November 2016

La Messe en Ré (Wapassou, 1976)

Originally split on the two sides of the LP "Messe en ré mineur", this Mass in Dm is a real treat for any prog fan. First of all, this French band (from Strasbourg, I think) featured a highly creative keyboardist, Freddy Brua, one of the best forerunners of electronic progressive music, then Jacques Lichti's folkish violin adds a very special touch to the spacey background provided by Brua. I won't forget the rest of the band, of course, especially the acoustic guitar touches by Karin Nickerl and the surprisingly effective voice of Eurydice.

...And if you think this music's tricky, what about its cover art?

Eastern suggestions, krautrock beats, liturgical organs, dissonant chords, fully prog interplays, well it's not easy at all to put a label on such a magmatic music! For sure, its hypnotic flow take me far away from the daily life around me and creates colourful waves in my mind,opening windows on a bunch of parallel worlds. That's exactly what a prog composition should do, IMHO.

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