Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Siberia of Snow (Cinderella Search, 1993)

There's a melancholic and foggy vein streaming through Japanese prog since the late Seventies and still active today. Cinderella Search are among the most interesting examples of this mood. Their name - a reference to a Fish-era Marillion song - doesn't mean these musicians are a musical clone, as their music is definitely original, even if there is a general neo-prog and Scandinavian Progg atmosphere in it.

 Cinderella Search love Northern and misty moods...

This is the opening track of their debut self-named album, released in 1993 and perfectly illustrates the band's essential features: post-rock moods mixed with neo-prog arrangements, a beautiful violin (by Junko Minobe), a good deal of acoustic guitars backed with electric instruments and - last but not least - a taste for good melodies. I surely appreciate Cinderella Search for their open minded attitude, their delicate and never sweetish touch and their deep respect for the great history of prog rock.

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