Thursday, 12 February 2015

Windowpane (Opeth, 2003)

This is the opening track of Opeth's first truly progressive album, titled "Damnation". And this is for those loving gloomy, morn atmospheres, sad themes and mournful sounds. But this is also a beautiful song, full of poetry and packed with Mellotron-driven nostalgy, a song that captures all the subtle charms of a rainy day seen through a windowpane and all the grey, elegant visions of such a narrow landscape.

"Damnation" is a morn and beautiful work, IMHO.

The track begins like a Scandinavian post-prog one, with a pulsing, constant rythm supporting a slow and claustrophobic keyboard work, but the songs goes on in a rather surprising way. A splendid finale including a dreaming guitar and a Keys-bass guitar interplay widens the perspective and brings back a pure progressive sound. Steven Wilson's production does all the rest.

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