Friday, 6 February 2015

White Ships And Icebergs (Tibet, 1979)

There is a curious story behind this song, this album and its re-issue in 1994 by Musea label. This German band was almost completely forgotten after its only rerlease in 1979, a good symphonic rock work, something very different from the original idea of setting up a Far Eastern ethnic rock group. Tibet disbanded in 1980 after a nartional tour. When Musea came up with this good addiction to its catalogue, some said the original record was lost and this one was a new recording, a disputed statement that somewhat increased the interest towards Tibet.

An edition of "Tibet" for the Japanese market.

Actually, this really was a good album and the instrumental gem called "White Ships And Icebergs" will prove it. You'll find here all the Mellotron melodies, the Hammond waves and the acoustic interludes you probably love, and also a good amount of tempo changes, a fully progressive feature. I'm sure the intro will remind you a certain British band, by the way. I wonder how many other hidden gems the '70s vaults will reveal in due time.

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