Monday, 16 February 2015

Dances on Gobelins (X Religion, 2003)

I enjoyed this track very much, as I like weird, pseudo-gothic things, especially when a good deal of irony is involved. If you ask me, this could be a perfect soundtrack for a Tim Burton's film: there's that same kind of childhood's magic and the right amount of fantasy too. This is a band from Uzbekistan - yeah, Uzbekistan, not Greater London - and before this "Dances on Gobelins" they had released some harder kind of prog with a different name.

I think this is a good example of electronic-oriented prog.
X Religion like electronic devices: Albert 'Al-Bird' Khalmurzayev plays up-to-date keyboards and here you'll also find an excellent bass work (via Digitech) by Vitaly 'Progressor' Menshikov. The third member is Valery 'Ptero' Vorobjov, whose electronic drumming tops the band's electro-pie in such a coherent way that I'll forgive them the lack of a "true" drum set. And also their nicknames. Furthermore, I must admit that in this instrumental track electronics go on well with a clearly classical inspiration and the final effect is a very pleasant one.

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