Saturday, 7 February 2015

Piccola rapsodia dell'ape (Le Orme, 1980)

This is the title track of Le Orme's acoustic perdiod second and last album. It's a rich and diversified instrumental, mostly influenced by baroque music, in its most sparkling and gentle wing. How effective the vibraphone is in this song! It seems to me like bluebells chatting in time with the piano. And the string instruments - violin and cello - come in to complete this stunning musical description of a bee's flight, as the song title means "A Bee's Little Rhapsody".

This was Le Orme's eleventh studio album.

If the rest of the album isn't always as good as the previous ones, this track really is a little, bright gem, both unpredictable and enthralling, dancing on the borderland between prog, experimental and classical music. A long and scarcely interesting pop hiatus was on its way, but this music still had all the best Le Orme's charms.

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