Thursday, 26 February 2015

Only Time Will Tell (Asia, 1982)

When a group of famous prog artists decide to write down a bunch of plain songs, the final result is seldom exciting and, of course, successful. This is exacly the case with Asia's debut album, and this is one of my favourite tracks in it. All is done to please the listener here, and this is both the strongest and the weakest point of "Only Time Will Tell".

This song was the second successful single from "Asia" LP.

No adventurous musical patterns, no brand new solutions, but many enthralling moments and a lot of energy and good melodies. That said, Asia strongly contributed to the creation of what we call today Arena Rock and  their heroic sound is never too pomp or bombastic, as the good taste is part of those musicians' DNA. Useless to say, they all play their instruments the way we perfectly know. "Only Time Will Tell" is one of those songs that wind me up. What about you?

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