Sunday 1 February 2015

It Is Just Me (OVNI, 2004)

It rarely occurred to me to find such a diversified song, including so many different styles and moods. I don't know if all the bands coming from El Salvador are as flushing in their music as OVNI are... in this case, that would be kind of a prog paradise! Back to the song, "It Is Just Me" comes from the album "Humanos pero no terrestres", whose title ("Humans But Not Terrestrials") insists on the alien topic we also find in the band's name, as OVNI means UFO in most latin languages.  After all, the track is sub-titled The Visitor Meets The Terrestrials, and almost all OVNI's discography is about close encounters with alien races.

This was the band's third studio album.

As I said before, this track is like a prog encyclopedia, including symphonic, jazz, melodic, neo-prog and even folk passages. That's why the band actually did a miracle building up a coherent song, a well set up 12 minutes track, exploring all those different worlds still keeping one definite musical direction. OVNI exploit each genre's rythm and mood to fit them in their own big picture. If you don't believe me, well, just listen to this.

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