Friday, 27 February 2015

Thoma (Fromage, 1988)

Don't be fooled by this band's name: they don't come from the French prog scene, they're one of the first Japanese acts and most of Fromage's member were going to play a prominent role in their Country as founders of more recent and equally important bands. This charming track comes from the group's second (and last) studio album, called "Ophelia"and sung in Japanese Language, a choice I usually appreciate.

Japanese bands seldom choose poetic cover arts that I happen to like.

A keyboard background, a high-pitched voice and an excellent bass guitar work are the main features of Thoma, but I also recommend the sensitive drumming, the ethereal flute and the well found melodies. As the song is rather long (some 9 minutes, in fact), another winning point here is its diversified and coherent architecture, where atmospheric passages and up tempo breaks are set to please any prog lover. And if you liked this one, please try the whole album, that's worth your attention, IMHO.