Sunday, 4 December 2016

Édentől keletre / East of Eden (Android, 2009)

Even if Hungarian band Android released their debut album in 2009, they have a long history and strong musical roots in the Seventies. The band's two keyboardists (Sándor Milesz and József Tőzsér) drive this title track, but likely the electric guitar solo by János Dudás is the highlight of "Édentől keletre" and gives a special, spiced taste to this maje instrumental work.

Essential and inspiring. A good cover art, IMHO.

That said, there are many other good moments during this 5:30 minutes song: the opening piano arpeggio, the following acid guitar work, the inspiring drums and - last but not least - the basic and effective theme. Anyway, the main reason why this track is worth our attention is the mix of sweetness and toughness it displays, exploiting both the smooth sound of neo-prog and the sharp touch of psych-prog era.

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