Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The Silence of Our Wake (Barock Project, 2015)

This Italian band constantly improved since their first album in 2007 and I think their 2015 album, called "Skyline", actually represents a modern masterpiece on the jaunty side of prog. Take this "The Silence of Our Wake", for example, and see how they variate and mix all the traditional prog features into something captivating and new. Their love for classical measures remembers me of ELO, Superttramp and even Sebastian Hardie, but then you'll also find the band's rock side, the jazzy variations and - why not? - the pop temptations.

To top the cake, Paul Whitehead signed this inviting cover!

Sliding down a solid melody, these musicians surprise the listener with an unfailing set of inventions. This track is more coherent and even essential compared with some of the band's previous releases and if it confirms the fanciful and eclectic approach of Barock Project (well, they are barock, after all!), it shows a more careful balance, so that Luca Zabbini and his friends tame their wildest musical ideas and focus on the big picture instead. A very beautiful picture, I daresay.

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