Sunday, 18 December 2016

Höstsejd (Änglagård, 1994)

It sounds incredible for such a mixed and struggling fandom, but Änglagård are one of the rare bands every prog fan likes and many of them adore. That could be because of their undeniable links with the Golden Era prog rock, or maybe for their morn, heartbreaking atmospheres. Be as it may, this "Höstsejd" ("Autumn Rites") is one of their longest and most interesting songs, taken from the album "Epilog".

This was the band's second CD... their third work came 18 years later!

The ruling mood is that of nostalgy and quiet contemplation, the kind of nature-based atmosphere Swedish bands know how to conjure up and master so well. But there are also many beautiful changes both in volume and in tempo, taking advantage of the band's abundant choice of acoustic and electric instruments. A guest string trio adds the mellow touch an autumnal song surely needs. In short, another masterpiece from one of the most prominent contemporary prog bands.

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