Wednesday 28 December 2016

Travelling Man (M-Opus, 2015)

If Yes were born in Ireland and in the 2010s, they'd be called M-Opus. "Travelling Man" opens the long and diversified album "1975 Triptych", released in 2015 by this Dublin-based prog duo. The highly dynamic impact of this song, both in speed and incessant changes, is the first feature that litterally runs over the listener. The Yes inspiration is also patent, but not always and not too much: the vocal harmonies surely come from their famous model and so are the keyboard - bass guitar interplays, but there are more original solutions too, especially when it comes to electronic devices and rythm guitar riffs.

M-Opus are Jonathan Casey and Colin Sullivan.

This rather rough side of prog is perfectly mixed with more traditional progressions and the final result is that of a surprisingly new idea of classic prog, where the respect for the masters and the search for contemporary sounds get along very well. Just a final note: the 1975 in the album title means this CD music is inspired by that year's progressive releases. Mmm... I'm sure you'll be tempted to listen the whole album. Just do it, you won't be disappointed...

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