Saturday 29 October 2016

Abstract Malady (Ajalon, 2009)

Ajalon are a very good American trio, playing glorious powerful prog with Christian lyrics and a Seventies mood. Listening to this "Abstract Malady", taken from the album "This Good Place", you'll be no surprised to know that Ajalon started their career signing with Rick Wakeman's label and set up collaborations with Neal Morse. Their flushing kind of music, full of changes and colourful interplays reminds me of Rick's and Neal's passionate compositions and surely include all the main features of the old good progmasters.

"The Good Place" was the third studio album by Ajalon.

A special mention goes to keyboardist and guitarist Randy George, equally at his ease when it comes to devilish solos or to relaxed, dreamy parts. This instrumental should describe  an inner malaise, a spiritual mal de vivre and I think it actually does so, lining up harsh and melancholic sections in a well built pattern. A beautiful specimen of prog, IMHO.

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