Thursday, 5 February 2015

Wonderous Stories (Yes, 1977)

Here you are one of my favourite progressive short songs. It's one of those tracks that don't need any introductions, but it's useful to remember that such a melodic, ethereal song leaded its album ("Going for The One") through the 1977 punk wave up to the top of UK charts. It's a Jon Anderson's composition and Jon's vocals surely are the most impressive feature of "Wonderous Stories", so sweet and pure.

Here's the German cover of the 7" release.

That said, Rick Wakeman's keyboards have an essential role too in building up a fairy atmosphere and after all, despite the shortness of this song, we enjoy both keyboard and guitar solos. This little jewel was also released as a single and got a good reception, even on some of the most anti-prog radio shows. When I'm feeling down or tired, that's one of my favourite remedies, so I dare recommend it to anyone else.