Sunday 1 January 2017

Someday (Laghonia, 1971)

Here you are a proto-prog Peruvian band from the very early Seventies, a politically and musically difficult time for their Country.This "Someday" beautifully opens their second and last studio work, titled "Etcetera". A Hammond intro is followed by a lively rythm guitar and a catchy melody. Some well found changes and a series of instrumental bridges enrich this song's texture, so that a three minutes track actually features a whole changing world, ranging from the hippy generation to the search for new artistic dimensions.

Colourful I said... and colourful they actually were...

A colourful palette Laghonia know how to exploit and generously sprnkle all over their canvas. It's wonderful to see how widely the new musical deal circulated between the late Sixties and the early Seventies and how many different forms it took following the cultural scenes and the local traditions. Such a pity this band released both their albums in 1971 then called it a day...

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