Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Free Hand (Gentle Giant, 1975)

Luckily one of the most devilish prog rock songs ever, based on jazzy (and also folkish) keys and a fast tempo ballad, but also including an amazing series of changes, interludes, musical instruments and variations on the main theme. It is almost impossible to label such a song (and any GG's song, as to that), but "Free Hand" has what I call a touch of magic, with all those luna park sounds and syncopated rythms.

"Free Hand" was the seventh studio album by Gentle Giant.

The unifying sung theme dances between the incredible list of instruments required by this track, things like clavinet, synth, electric piano, woodbklock, cowbell... simply anything they could get their hands on! This is Gentle Giant, my friends: nothing is predictable or usual, still such a challenging music is never unpleasant. As they say: Now my hands are free from the ties!

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