Monday, 2 January 2017

18400 TL (21.Peron, 1975)

First of all, 1975 can be only considered as an approximate recording year for this track. 21.Peron were no doubt one of the best Turkish rock bands of their era, but they never released an official album during their active years, so that their 1975-77 songs were only made available on a physical support in 2003. This song is simply perfect to me: sweet and melodic, but also experimental and acid.... that's what I call prog rock!
Arkaplan label released this compitation including 12 songs.
The bass lines are the unifying frame of "18400 TL" (by the way, TL stands for Türk Lirası, the national currency unit), but I higly recommend Andreas Wildermann's organ too, so warm and so... Seventies! Here and there you'll recognize Turkish folk elements (mainly provided by Alp Gültekin's viola), bluesy measures, heavy rock riffs and psychedelic memories, but the whole pattern is solidly symphonic. When I listen to such short lived bands, I wonder how many good albums never saw the  light...

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