Wednesday, 4 February 2015

God Has His Reasons (Empty Yard Experiment, 2014)

I was pleasantly surprised when listening to this Emirates band's debut album in 2011, but their second work "Kallisti" in 2014 was even better than the previous one. Full of post-prog slow motions, but also brilliant in its rock moments, this GHHR (or "God Has His Reasons") is a splendid, modern example of unpredictable music. Not only this is not a mere reproduction of the band's models, but it also includes many original variations on them.

"Kallisti" features 14 charming songs.

The electric guitar rules the tempos and the moods and changes from the Porcupine Tree's reflections to a full metal prog sound, while the measured and clever keyboards provide the essential background and - more than this - a claustrophobic atmosphere on which the official video builds up a fascinating modern fairy tale. Hope to see and listen to more of that... don't you?