Saturday, 24 September 2016

Hallogallo (Neu!, 1972)

Take a walk on the karautrock side, my dear friends, and listen to this "Hallogallo" by Neu!, one of the most uncompromising bands from the German rock scene during the Golden Years. You'll find the industrial sounds of Düsseldorf, but also the moder kind of poetry these musicians were able to create. Rother and Dinger fly high over their pulsing ground and draw an abstract and fascinating picture full of acid patches and fluorescent zigzags. 

"Neu!" was the first album by this seminal German duo.

Unlike many other contemporary acts, however, Neu! never loose the balance between experimental sounds and enjoyable music, so that all listeners will find their own cup of tea in "Hallogallo". Please note that this song is one of the earliest examples of motorik beat, the peculiar 4/4 relentless and mid-tempo beat that many krautrock bands will adopt during the years. Enjoy.

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