Saturday 3 September 2016

Čím je svět můj (Progres 2, 1982)

This is an excellent prog rock track from the '80s, but please note Progres 2 actually were active also during the '70s in the Czech musical scene (they're from Brno, more exactly). This track features a very good mix of mainstream rock, progressive rock and assorted electronic sounds from the '80s. It's the closing track from the double album "Třetí kniha džunglí", also released in English as "The Third Book of The Jungle".

"Třetí kniha džunglí" was the fourth album by Progres 2.

As a matter of fact, Progres 2 love Kipling's literary masterpiece, as they had already written an album titled "Barnodaj – Mauglí" on the same subject. I like the dynamic and everchanging mood of "Čím je svět můj" (titled in Englis "What My World Really Is") and especially the guitars, ruling most of the instrumental parts. As you could expect from a closing epic, the volume is very high and there are some majestic and noisy walls of sound throughout the song. But, well, this is prog rock, baby!

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