Wednesday 14 September 2016

Elephant (Tame Impala, 2012)

Even if Aussi Tame Impala are considered as part of the 2010s psych wave, their open minded approach to rock and pop music includes many prog elements, ss this "Elephant", taken from the album "Lonerism" will easily prove. The electronic.driven and vintage-sounding keyboard progressions all through the second half of the song are among the proggest music from Oceania in recent years. 
"Elephant" was also released as a 12" single.
Well, vintage sounds do require a vintage format, what else?
There's a proto-prog scent here, and even an Italian prog taste building up a succulent savoury pie. I also like the way these musicians mix catchy tunes, Floydian bluesy moods and lysergic flashes from the Seventies. If progressive rock is mixing and matching musical sources, Tame Impala surely fit into this blog.

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