Sunday 6 January 2013

The Darkest Hour (IQ, 1993)

I adore "Ever", this track's album, I must confess prior to any further notes. I know many IQ's old fans bettere like the '80s albums, but IMHO "Ever" and "Subterranea" keep the same quality standard than "Tales from The Lush Attic" or "The Wake". "The Darkest Hour" is the opening song, an epic and powerful one, including the typical syncopated rhythm that's an IQ's trademark. Peter Nicholls' voice is a little screechy, that's true, but so heartfelt you'll forgive him anything.

IQ in their "Ever" lineup.

As usual John Jowitt's bass guitar works very hard and all is in tune with the mysterious athmosphere the song's title announces, but the tempo changes and the themes weaving prevent any humdrum and draw in many solar glimpses. The lyrics The track's final perfectly introduces the next one, another one of my favs, bat this is another story...

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