Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Histoires sans paroles (Harmonium, 1975)

What? Didn't I introduce this song yet? Forgive me: it's one of the sweetest and most enjoyable suites in the prog universe, IMHO. Harmonium is just one of so many good Québec's proggers from the '70s, but "Si on avait besoin d'une cinquième saison" is undoubtedly the most popular album of the lot... and "Histoires sans paroles" is the brightest pearl in it. With a touch of folk, a brush stroke of pop and a hatful of good melodies, this track retains after so many years the mgic power of switching on the sun in a dully day. I always find here the smell of spring, the kindness of a good memory and the colours of the impressionist era.

How could I forget this cover?

Some say the beauty of such songs rely on teenage memories. Well, not for me: I didn't know this song, I just discovered it ten years ago and halas I wasn't a child then... no way, this is a beautiful song, a timeless masterpiece with the flavour of an era. Don't you miss it.

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