Sunday 31 July 2022

Odisseia para Sirius (Ultranova, 2022)

This track, released in 2022 as a download single, confirms the Brazilian act Ultranova among the finest representatives of instrumental prog in the 21st Century. Their debut album Orion (2019) was a promising effort, but they seem to improve day to day. This "Odyssey to Sirius" is an epic and enjoyable piece of music, full of keybooard / guitar interplays, well found changes and liquid solos. 

A mythical journey, as this beautiful cover art...

Ultranova have their own style, but you'll find some Camel, Jade Warrior and Jethro Tull hints here, and a surprising melting pot including folk jeegs, electronic atmosphere and cinematic moments. Full of colours like their Country, rich in sense of wonder like their favourite music and tasty like their instrumantal skills, Ultranova's sound is the living proof that good prog rock will never die.

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