Tuesday 31 March 2020

Out of The Woods (Airlord, 1977)

Airlord are one of those Oceanian bands mixing with indisputable skills symphonic rock, pastoral moods and good old pop. Just like Sebastian Hardie (see in this blog) did in Australia and during the same years, Airlord imported prog in New Zealand (and then in Australia, where their career actually grew) and set up an enthralling, alternating style, including mellotron work, sudden rythmic changes, beautiful guitar solos, bluesy echoes and a good deal of vocal harmonies.

This artwork reminds me of Moody Blues...

This lushing list is all here, in this six minutes song coming from the only LP the band released in their career, back in 1977, titled "Clockwork Revenge". You'll find an everchanging plot, with some beautiful highlights like the heartwarming guitar solo, some liquid bass lines and of course the folkish opening vocals. There's a bit of early Genesis, a pinch of Moody Blues and even a touch of Canterbury scene, all that presented in a song-oriented package. I do think Airlord are worth a careful listening.

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