Friday, 28 February 2020

Flooded by Sun Light (Ain Soph, 1991)

Ain Soph are among the most inetersting Japanese bands ever (please find more by them in this blog). Even if "Marine Messagerie" CD was recorded in 1991, then re-released in 2005, these tracks were born in the late '70s, the first creative wave of Yozok (guitars), Mashiro Torigaki (bass),Taiqui (drums) and Kikuo Fujikawa (keyboards). "Flooded by The Sun" belongs to the melodic and Camel-esque vein of Ain Soph, and starts with a delicate mood, then gets more upbeat and intricate.

The 2005 reissue was co-labelled by Poseidon and Musea.

The whole song  (an instrumental, as usual with Ain Soph) is enjoyable and higly dynamic, so that all instruments are cleverly interwined to build up a brilliant, charming sound. Yozok's guitar solo is one of the highlights of "Flooded by Sun Light", and so is Taiqui's creative drumming. That's what I really like in this song: the way it combines lightness and sophistication. The Rising Sun touch, maybe.

Friday, 31 January 2020

Stifinner (Jordsjø, 2019)

Norway is home to a good deal of symphonic rock bands. Jordsjø's core line-up is a duo, namely Håkon Oftung (vocals and keyboard) and Kristian Frøland (drums), backed in their 2019 album titled Nattfiolen (the  lesser butterfly-orchid depicted on the CD the cover art) by five more musicians... including two keyboardists! "Stifinner" (meaning "pathfinder") is a pastoral-oriented song with louder Mellotron riffs and a lot of acoustic passages including beautiful flutes and acoustic guitars.

I also happen to like this beautiful cover art...
As usual with Jordsjø, the Seventies smell is strong and enticing, flowing through folk roots and symphonic arrangements. I like the melodies and the mood changes, and the Norwegian lyrics add a Nordic atmosphere to such a beautiful mix. Last but not least, even if there are several quiet and dreamy passages, you'llfind here a dynamic and creative drumming, an uncommon feature in pastoral tracks.