Monday, 10 August 2015

Introspect (Cathedral, 1978)

The entire "Stained Glass Stories" album by Cathedral is a prog gem and this "Introspect" will prove my point. Deep and diversified, full of charming atmospheres and sharp changes, this song could be adopted as a progressive rock manifesto. The vocals are delicate and inspired, while all the instruments play original, unpredictable partitions. Take the bass guitar and its winding lines, the Crimson-esque keyboard or the wide spectrum drums à la Phil Collins. And what about the acoustic coda?

The boys behind this beautiful music in the CD edition of the album.

No commercial compromise here, still not a single note of "Introspect" is too difficult or too experimental to be fully enjoyable. An universe of emotions and secret landscapes flows gently before the listener's ears and gets into his soul. Too bad they disbanded so soon: Cathedral could have strongly shaped the prog rock canons. But then, this album surely did so.