Thursday, 13 August 2015

En el hospicio (Pastoral, 1975)

This title track, taken from the second studio work of Argentinian duo Pastoral, is a very good example of simple and effective folk rock with many and welcome elements of prog rock. The plain ballad forming the essential part of the song is enriched by electric guitar bridges, well done vocal harmonies, a touch of keys and a coherent, discreet drumming. The track starts with a bare acoustic guitar plus vocals intro, then the other instruments come in and here you are a soft and rather easy version of progressive rock.

Pastoral were Alejandro De Michele and Miguel Angel Erausquin.

Even if the song is a very short one, I can tell some strong points, like the guitar solo (a very good one, believe me), the organ underlining the chorus and - of course - the final reprise of the acoustic intro. If you read or speak Spanish, you'll also find interesting lyrics, in the vein of protest songs, a popular genre during the '70s. If you don't, then enjoy the music... it should be enough to re-listen "En el hospicio" very soon.