Saturday, 29 August 2015

Contrasts (Discus, 1999)

Sometimes the title says it all. That's the case with this track, coming from the debut album of the Indonesian band Discus and closing it. This is a stunning - but never unpleasant - series of musical contrasts, actually. Some gentle flute-driven landscapes, jazzy breaks, electronic and experimental passages... you name it, you have them all (or almost all...). 

Discus debuted in 1999 for the Italian label Mellow Records.

The melodies - when there are melodies - are beautiful, the instruments are absolutely well played (especially the flute, the electric guitar and the keys), the rythmic section is highly creative... in short, this is I track I love. Of course, such an ordeal is not for all listeners, I mean you must like unusual things in order to fully appreciate this instrumental, but if you are into avant-garde prog, please, don't miss this pearl"