Thursday, 20 August 2015

Brennisteinn (Sigur Rós, 2013)

The opening track of the album "Kveikur" seems to me like metal rock compared with the average volume and tempo of most Sigur Rós songs. I like very much its inner tension, something between math-rock and a horror film soundtrack. And it also has an ejoyable sung line... well, not exactly what I happen to sing in my bathroom, but surely well written and well sung. It's a highly creative piece of music, including electronic and acoustic sounds so perfectly mixed that you couldn't tell a violin from a synth.

A suggestive frame from the official video of "Brennsteinn".

And the dark, aggressive mood of "Brennisteinn" strikes me, as I find here both sides of the band: the ethereal, spacey one and the upsetting, experimental one. More than this: I could listen to this song one hundred times and still each time I'd find something new, a hidden sound, an underlying line, a secret passage. Last but not least, I think Andrew Huang's official video perfectly captures the atmosphere of the track. Pure post-prog pleasure for your eyes and ears.