Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Kaleidoscope (Transatlantic, 2014)

I know Transatlantic epics may be too long and too intricate, even for prog ears. But I actually like this "Kaleidoscope", despite its huge duration time. It's a seven part suite, a real one, not a random rhapsody, nor a collection of songs without pauses. Not only the melodies are good and the players among the best ones in the worldwide prog scene, but there is a strong structure, a beautiful architecture supporting this song. The different moods, tempos and themes are lined up following a pleasant scheme and the returning riffs and lines punctuate this composition giving a variated and coherent shape.

"Kaleidoscope" was the fourth studio album by Transatlantic.

The first half of "Kaleidoscope" (lest's say parts 1, 2 and 3) are strongly influenced by Roine Stolt, while the second half seems less "Flower Kings-oriented" and each musician and author adds his own recognizable musical world to the big picture: Neal Morse's prog ballads, Mike Portnoy's energetic crescendos and Pete Trewavas' unpredictable changes. Different souls and different stories are just like one here, and the bonus gift is... emotion!