Friday, 13 February 2015

The Study of Madness (Bolus, 2013)

This Canadian powerful trio made some good album during the last ten years and some excellent songs, like this "The Study of Madness". No musical revolutions here, no weird experiments, just a plain and modern song, fresh like a spring rain. The sounds are all well found and even better set in a clever architecture, kind of an enhanced ballad. Marillion and Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree and Rush go on very well in this track, including both sweet, atmospheric melodies and a bit of distorted guitars and furious drumming.

"Triangulate" is the third studio album by Bolus.

The final effect is like a refreshing wind, a journey back to the basics, something I surely need now and then. If you like such a genre, the whole  "Tiangulate" album should interest you, as the band give a series of rather short and smart tracks, never too tricky and never too simple. Measure is a great gift, after all.