Saturday, 21 February 2015

Looking for Someone (Genesis, 1970)

Here's the first track from the first "fully Genesis" album. So, in a way, this is how early fans got aware a new band was born. The a cappella intro is a classic, something Peter Gabriel did again three years later in "Dancing with The Moonlit Knight", another album leading track. The rest is pure fantasy and unpredictable music. The tempo changes, the sung melody reprises, the liquid, misty mood are too well known to be introduced here.

That's how Paul Whitehead's pencil graced the album lyrics. 

Better write about Gabriel's performance, ranging from the lower, hoarse tone to a sharp, alarming pitch. Another strong point is Ant Phillip's guitar, both sweet and sorrowful, and perfectly supported by Tony Banks' organ, providing the hard stuff for the song and rousing the rhythm section. What's more, "Looking for Someone" is full of emotion and it digs in the listener's soul the way only the greatest band can do.