Sunday, 8 February 2015

Look What I've Done (Think, 1976)

Think were a short lived band from Auckland, New Zealand, and their only album, called "We'll Give You A Buzz" brings back in 1976 the proto-prog sounds, providing a fresh, melodic art-rock. This song, for example, is full of nice passages, featuring a very good sung melody and a charming keyboard solo, plus a well conceived architecture. The vocal harmonies are pleasant too and very well found, while the electric guitar adds a slightly acid taste to the song.

I highly recommend the whole album to my prog friends.

Beyond the hippy flavours and Ritchie Pickett's excellent vocals, this track suggests a calm - still never too relaxed - mood, something like a liquid sound, a placid and powerful river. Maybe I should dig a little more into less known prog scenes. At the moment, I'll listen to this beautiful song once more. Will you?