Monday, 23 February 2015

Bois de Boulogne (Tangerine Dream, 1985)

I know the real TD's hardcore fans won't agree with me, but this is a track I simply adore... and I even like the whole "Le Parc" album. Sure, the band's best releases belong to the '70s, but this concept about City Parks around the World is an enjoyable one, melting good electronic music and commercial requirements. In particular, this opening track, describing the Boulogne Forest in Paris, is a perfect example of '80s electronic sound, but with a special twist only a great band from the Golden Prog Era can add to the melting pot.

 The band's lineup in this album is: Froese / Franke / Schmoelling.

The track grows up little by little and the final section is an enthralling and clever piece of prog, just like it used to be with Tangerine Dream. I added "Bois de Boulogne" to my blog because one sometimes needs some pleasant and not too tricky music, a track that just sweeps away the daily troubles or the Monday blues... well, this is exactly what one's searching for!