Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Abismo Próximo (Canarios, 1974)

This "Segunda Transmigración" ("Second Transmigration") from the album "Ciclos" is another pearl by Canarios (or Los Canarios, as they were credited elsewhere). The four compositions in this double LP re-write in a very eclectic way Vivaldi's Four Seasons (you'll find more in my blog). Opera, rock, improvisation, poetry... you'll find almost everything here. The suite is divided into seven movements, each one adding a different, special mood to the track. Vivaldi's themes are split and re-arranged along with original compositions and clever variations.

On vinyl, four suites filled each side of "Ciclos" double album.

The opera-inspired harmonies and the flushing keyboard works come interspersed by acoustic bridges and even by some Spanish folk hints. There are so many faces to this song I'm afraid I'll never be able to describe it, so you'll have to listen to that if you really want to make up your mind about such a suite. I hope you won't regret the time you'll spend there.