Saturday, 15 March 2014

Rapid Eye Movement (Riverside, 2007)

Stunning. This 12:37 minutes track, originally conceived as part of the Reality Dream Trilogy, was finally released in the bonus disc included in a special edition of "Rapid Eye Movement" CD. So, strangely, the album title track wasn't included in its standard edition! I love this instrumental track, reminding me some old Tangerine Dream suite for its gradual and clever building up and also for its strong electronic flavour.

This song was also included in the "Schizophrenic Prayer" EP.

The suspended, increasingly sorrowful mood of this song also includes some more relaxed and open breaks, somehow concurring to the weirdness of the big picture. Piotr Grudziński's guitar plays an essential role, fluctuating from Gilmour-esque to psychedelic tones and actually biting the listener's soul. It's a secret trip into human fears and nightmares, an intimate exploration, a dream and a nightmare. And one of the main reasons why I included Riverside in my fave bands list.