Sunday, 9 March 2014

And We'll Go Hunting Deer (Pendragon, 1991)

I'll never be able to describe the kick I get inside me each time I listen to the intro of "And We'll Go Hunting Deer". Just a few piano touches and a sad melody, but oh so well done! And the rest of the song - taken from the album "The World" - is just the same to me, a series of inner sensations and delicate feelings. Many proggers out there will twist their noses and find such a track too mellow for them. But I love it. There's an easy prog rock inside this song, a beautiful guitar - well, we all know Mr. Barrett - but the way Nick shows off his feelings is simply striking.

So many good songs in this album...

The suspended moods he creates along with his fellows and the impressionistic way the band have to paint a world apart reach a peak in this song and I loose my mind inside such a fairy and colourful world. It'a quite a positive song, I daresay optimistic. Clive Nolan and his keyboards are like rays of light from behind the hills and if there aren't many tempo changes here, the rythm drives me mad. So, excuse me, I must put this song in my blog.